Sleep Music For Babies

Sleep music for babies

It is very important to create a safe and relaxing environment to help your baby get to sleep, one of the best ways to do this is to gently play sleep music to them.
Listening to slow and soft music allows our bodies to to unwind and our hearts can actually slow to match the rhythm of the music. As you can imagine this is exactly what is needed for your baby to relax and get a good nights sleep.

Soft calming sleep music can help to control our breathing and set is at a deeper and slower pace exactly how we breathe while we are asleep, this also helps to remove adrenaline in our system and ease any anxieties.

Put on your kids favourite sleep music on half an hour before your child’s bed time as this will make them start to settle down gently instead of suddenly expecting them to go from frantic play time to relaxed sleep instantly. We recommend leaving this music playing all night so if your child wakes during the night they will feel secure hearing a familiar sound and remind them they are in a safe place. The relaxing music also has the benefit of drowning out or softening any outside noise that might’ve disrupted their sleep such as the noise from traffic outside the window.

Ensure your babies bedroom is dark but has small soft glowing lights that aid in the feeling of a safe cosy room, and that the sleep music is not too loud.

While the music is softly playing read your child their favourite book as this a great time for a bed time story!

You can find this kind of music for free on our YouTube channel Nature of Ambience It has calming music and nature sounds to help you and your baby relax.

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