Sleep Music For Kids

Sleep through music – how soothing tunes can get your kids to bed faster

All parents know how difficult it can be to get young ones to go to bed on time. More often than not, children will twist and turn, shuffle around, ask for some water, or have to pee, thus delaying their bedtime by upwards of an hour. This is first of all detrimental to the child’s development since a lack of rest implies increased irritability, eating issues, and decreased productivity. Secondly, when your child refuses to go to bed, it becomes equally stressful on you, the parent both because it makes you worry about them, and also because it deprives you of the little quiet you’re usually afforded when your little one is asleep. Sleep music for kids can help with this.

Is there a way to get your kids to sleep faster?

You may have heard about using sleep music to soothe your children and get them to bed more quickly, but does it really work? First of all, it pays to understand what’s keeping your child up at night.

While there can be several reasons why your child is failing to go to bed on time, they all circle around to a surplus of energy and alertness, largely related to the child’s hormone production. It’s no secret that children tend to be more energetic than adults, and your child refusing to sleep, even when you yourself are exhausted is proof of that.

The music our ears hear translates to energetic vibrations when it reaches our brain. These vibrations impact various aspects of our mind, among which the part that dictates hormone production. By gently regulating this part of your brain, soothing music can decrease cortisol production, and increase that of melatonin, the hormone in charge of putting us to sleep.

Music as a part of a larger sleeping ritual

Another reason why sleep music can help get your children to fall asleep more quickly is that in time, it establishes a sleeping routine. Now, the human mind, be it that of a child or adult, reacts positively to well-established routines. Even the most agitated of people will find comfort in a strict routine because that breathes reliability. Your child can count on the safety of this music-infused bedtime routine, and that feeling of safety can help them fall asleep more naturally and more easily. Think of it, if you will, as music slaying the boogeyman in the closet without you saying anything about it.

How can you incorporate music into your child’s bedtime routine?

First of all, a great idea would be allowing your kid to choose from a larger selection of sleep music. If they feel responsible and involved in this process, they are infinitely more likely to accept and embrace it. If it’s just something you chose for them, then they’re apt to rebel against it and stay awake just to spite you, thus negating the positive effects of the sleep music.

Most children can and will benefit from incorporating sleep music for kids into their nightly routine, it’s just a matter of finding the right type of soothing music and keeping at it!

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